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Translations for Road Construction, Rail Work and Civil Engineering

Construction companies have considerable opportunities to win profitable, large-scale contracts for civil engineering projects in Sweden, particularly through the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket in Swedish), which budgets for billions of euros every year and is always engaged in some project or another somewhere in Sweden. The Swedish Transport Administration provides large volumes of documentation for all its projects to prospective tenderers in order to help them in preparing their bids. The only problem is that the documentation is always in Swedish. This might not pose a problem for Swedish construction companies generally, unless that company is looking for subcontractors who need documents such as requirement specifications and administrative directives. Not having these documents in English limits the range of possible suppliers available and hinders a prospective tenderer from offering the most advantageous bid possible. Dalia Text Service has considerable experience in translating all manners of tender documents issued by the Swedish Transport Administration. If you are thinking about submitting a tender for a civil engineering project and you have received tender documents from the Swedish Transport Administration, get in touch with Dalia Text Service and find out what we can do for you (and do it early these tender documents tend to be very long and very many in number).

How Your Business is Enhanced by Working with Dalia Text Service

Text translations provided by Dalia Text Service will open your business up to an entirely new world of opportunities. Construction projects tendered out by the Swedish Transport Administration are very lucrative, and it would do your company well to submit a tender based on the information you gather from the tender documents we carefully translate for you. Contact us as soon as you obtain the Swedish-language documents and we will work out a schedule that will suit you while ensuring the quality of our work.

Is your company already based in Sweden and you feel you do not need an English-language translation? Consider that the larger projects often entail engaging the services of a number of subcontractors. By not having English-language documents at your disposal, you limit your potential pool of subcontracting resources, and therefore limit yourself to the Swedish market, thus greatly reducing your opportunities for preparing the most advantageous tender you otherwise could make. Clearly, even Swedish construction companies will find the services offered by Dalia Text Service to be greatly useful.